State Bar of Arizona Emergency Center

We are not currently in a state of emergency.

Today's test was designed to make sure our emergency notification system was working. Should there ever be an emergency, this site will be used to communicate with staff and other key personnel in the event of an office closure or other catrastrophic event.

If you do not have a Bar issued device and you would like to check your email go to
Be sure to enter “sba\” in front of your username.

Office Voice Mail

Employees who are working from home or another location should use these instructions to access your office voice mail:

Instructions to access voice mail remotely

  • Call your own phone number.
  • When your greeting starts, press the asterisk (*) key.
  • Enter your voice mail ID (last 4 digits of your work number) and password when prompted. 

Payroll Processing

The timely processing of payroll is a priority for the State Bar and our employees, and you can be assured that we have reviewed processing and back-up processing plans with our payroll provider, Paylocity, to ensure smooth and seamless payrolls in the event of an emergency. Payroll can be processed 100% electronically, off-site, and even in another state, if need be. All employees are required to enroll for direct deposit of their paychecks, as this will ensure the delivery of their biweekly compensation directly into their bank account(s). Depending on the emergency circumstance that would necessitate the implementation of our Continuity of Operations Plan, the Bar can guarantee employees immediate access to paystubs (via the Paylocity website or app) without needing to be logged into the State Bar’s network.